What Makes A Good Taekwondo School?

We would highly recommend that you personally make a trip down to the school and observe one of their classes. It is very important to see for yourself what the school is teaching, the quality of instructors and the standards of the facilities, such as having clean and safe training grounds.

A good school will have structure, discipline and respect between instructors and students, as well as amongst students. We also recommend speaking to an instructor, to find out more about their teaching styles. Be careful not to choose a school out of convenience.

How young can my child starts to learn martial arts?

Kids can start practising Taekwondo from the age of 3.5, with our toddlers programme.

Will learning Taekwondo turn my child aggressive?

At Hankuk Taekwondo, we conduct a practical and responsible self-defence programme. We do not encourage violence and your child will be taught from the start, not to misuse the martial art skills they learn. Our instructors will continually educate your child that martial arts are a form of exercise and self-improvement, not a tool for bullying. They will also learn how to apply martial arts safely in a tough situation. Should any of the children display aggression these tendencies usually wear off with continued training and increased self-esteem.

What is the reason for bowing?

Bowing is a form of showing respect and it is not worship of any kind, as there is no religion in Taekwondo. Students must bow to the instructors as a sign of respect and in return, instructors bow back to students too.

When will sparring be involved?

Sparring begins at the green belt level. To learn how to defend yourself, it is important to practise against a moving opponent, simulating a real confrontation. Student develop enhanced reflexes, quick judgement, timing and distancing. Sparring is practised with respect and good control. At all times, sparring is closely supervised by the instructor and students are required to wear protective gear.

Is it too old to learn Taekwondo?

Absolutely NOT! We have students ranging from the age of 2.5, all the way to 60. Our programmes are designed for anyone with the will and heart to learn and challenge themselves to an exciting and fun activity.

Is it safe to learn Taekwondo?

Hankuk Taekwondo is a safe and fun place for students of all ages and physical abilities. Classes are taught by expert instructors with techniques clearly demonstrated in a step-by-step manner and students learning at their own pace. Thorough warm up and stretching routines, floored mats for practice and protective safety gear are all part of our commitment to ensure the safety of all students.